Common Methods is an on-going venture with a collaborative design and culture experience. We want to establish growing relationships between designers, locals, craftsmen, manufacturers and the public.



Each nation, each individual has a way of doing something, a process of, or for doing. Common Methods intends to look into the intersection between design, production, living and all social issues around it.



More than just a presentation of beautiful and functional objects, Common Methods exposes the process of collaboration, the mixing of cultures, the failures and successes from start to physical conclusion.



Cape Town, South Africa


Designers explore
the local landscape

Among all the work and long hours the Common Methods team has made sure to make some time for site seeing. We’ve traveled along parts of the Cape Town coast, hiked up some of its beautiful mountains, and tried some its delicious wines on offer.  

Design Afrika joins
Common Methods

Each time her name escapes my lips, it is followed by passages of praise and admiration. The woman known as Binky Newman has grasped the hearts of many around the country, its this very reason that keeps me going back for more. The first time I had contact with Binky was by email. Right away she […]


Common Methods presents at
The Department of Design

July 11th was the official ‘Craft’s Connect’ day at the Department of Design.  The program for the day was filled with amazing lectures and incredible individuals sharing their knowledge, from both South African and Dutch perspectives. The CBI – Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries  held a round table discussion with industry experts on […]


Department of
Design Grand Opening

On July 8th the Department of Design opened its doors to the public of Cape Town. As part of the official Dutch World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 projects, Common Methods was invited to the meet and great night held at the Department of Design. Representatives of Dutch trade and industry filled the hallways, the […]


Common Methods
& Maker Library Workshop
with Heath Nash

As part of their first collaboration together in Cape Town, the Common Methods designers took part in a two part workshop ‘Perception, Meet Reality’. In part one ‘Perception’ the teams were given the task to explore two exhibitions NO EVERYTHING by Rown Smith at What if the World Gallery, and Iziko South African National Gallery in […]


Cape Town

We are back from our trip to Cape Town. We gathered many impressions and encounters and now there is a lot of work to do, to prepare everything for the first edition of Common Methods that starts in July 2014. For now we upload some images of what we saw. If you see more images […]

Bronze Age joins
Common Methods

Bronze Age is a Cape Town based art foundry that specializes in the casting of bronze sculpture utilizing both the lost wax as well as sand casting processes. Bronze Age provides this casting service to others. For Common Methods first edition designers Phil Procter and Natalie du Toit will be working with Bronze Age. They […]

Woodheads joins
Common Methods

Woodheads has a proud rich heritage dating back to 1867 when the company was founded by Sir John Woodhead. Not only did John Woodhead run a successful tannery, boot and shoe factory at the turn of the century, but he was also a prominent Cape Town citizen, who served as a mayor for three terms and […]